Our Apartment, your home.

In Torre Doganiera you can choose 3 apartments (Ulivi, Tower and Sunflowers), a double bedroom and a combination" of apartment+bedroom (Supergirasoli).

Sometimes, words are not enough to describe the character of this house: from medieval tower, became a farm until the '90s, and now, since 1989, the house is an agriturismo.

Well, in Torre Doganiera you will find not only the care to details, but mainly to the history of our land. 

You might be embraced by two beautiful "Olives in love", if you will decide to enter the apartment " ULIVI ", ground level ( 70 sqm ), private terrace and external area. ( 3 people +1 bed under 12 y.old)

You will be welcomed by the sunny and golden light of the most beautiful flowers of the Summer: the Sunflowers, in the apartment "I GIRASOLI" (65 sqm), ground level, private external garden, cover and open space. (2 pople +1 bed under 12 y.old)

Do you need more room? Are you a group of friends or a big family?

SuperGirasoli will be the perfect solution for you!

Apt. Sunflowers + doublebedroom "Girasoli_2"

tot. 5 people (+1 bed under 12 y.old)

camera da bagno.jpg

SuperGirasoli: 5 people, 90 sqm

Apt. Sunflowers (livingroom, kitchen, double bedroom, bathroom, garden)

+ doublebedroom "Sunflowers 2" (bedroom + private bathroom, private entrance and garden)

(25 sqm ) this doubleroom has a private entrance and bathroom, and can be combined with another apartment, in case of groups of friends and/or families who want privacy, not sacrificing space and time to share! (2 or 3 people +1 bed under 12 y.old)

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torre copertina.jpg

You can really get into the flavour of Middle Age (but with all comfort!), if you choose the apartment Tower, "TORRE ", developed on 3 floors (90 sqm), two double bedroom, with a truly stunning view of the valley (high Elsa river), our olive's trees and the surrounding countryside.  Private external area. (4 people +1 bed under 12 y.old)

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