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Our apartments...your home!

From the 1st of April 2022 you can return to Torre Doganiera! And there are some news:
  • Green and renawable energies: we have enhanced solar thermal (for hot water) and photovoltaic (for electricity), so feel free to use your devices, during the day the sun will support us!
  • Internet and wi-fi connection: fiber (in all apartments and outside)
  • From 2022 the double bedroom becomes a double bedroom with kitchen corner, a kind of "little cute apartment with kitchenette". Why don't you think on spending a period in smart working (a few days or weeks) in the countryside, with an excellent connection at an advantageous price compared to an entire apartment?
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You might be embraced by two beautiful "Olives in love", if you will decide to enter the apartment " ULIVI ", ground level ( 70 sqm ), private terrace and external area. ( 3 people +1 bed under 12 y.old)

You will be welcomed by the sunny and golden light of the most beautiful flowers of the Summer: the Sunflowers, in the apartment "I GIRASOLI" (65 sqm), ground level, private external garden, cover and open space. (2 pople +1 bed under 12 y.old)

torre copertina.jpg

You can really get into the flavour of Middle Age (but with all comfort!), if you choose the apartment Tower, "TORRE ", developed on 3 floors (90 sqm), two double bedroom, with a truly stunning view of the valley (high Elsa river), our olive's trees and the surrounding countryside.  Private external area. (4 people +1 bed under 12 y.old)

A nice bedroom for 2 (+1 extrabed), with a super organized kitchenette. Induction plates, fridge, sink, coffe machine, rustic wooden wardrobe, private bathroom, private entrance from the garden. Wooden pergola, green and flowers! Panorama and sunsets with a very good glass of wine. Looking to the green energies, and fiber connection. Have a look! The new of 2022 in Torre Doganiera.

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